pomerol  2.1
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Two-particle Green's functions of fermions

Data Structures

class  Pomerol::TwoParticleGF
 Fermionic two-particle Matsubara Green's function. More...
class  Pomerol::TwoParticleGFContainer
 Container for instances of TwoParticleGF. More...
class  Pomerol::TwoParticleGFPart
 Part of a fermionic two-particle Matsubara Green's function. More...
class  Pomerol::Vertex4
 Irreducible two-particle vertex. More...


using Pomerol::FreqTuple3 = std::tuple< ComplexType, ComplexType, ComplexType >
 Triplet of complex frequencies. More...
using Pomerol::FreqVec3 = std::vector< FreqTuple3 >
 List of complex frequency triplets. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ FreqTuple3

using Pomerol::FreqTuple3 = typedef std::tuple<ComplexType, ComplexType, ComplexType>

Triplet of complex frequencies.

Definition at line 41 of file TwoParticleGF.hpp.

◆ FreqVec3

using Pomerol::FreqVec3 = typedef std::vector<FreqTuple3>

List of complex frequency triplets.

Definition at line 43 of file TwoParticleGF.hpp.